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Guidelines for Presenters

Guidelines for Presenters

SVRI Forum 2024: Guidelines for Presenters

SVRI Forum is an abstract driven event. We received many wonderful and interesting abstracts. To ensure both presenter and the audience get the best out of this opportunity, we have prepared the following guidance to help presenters prepare their Forum presentation.

Firstly, as a speaker we ask that you:

  • Provide a professional quality presentation on the agreed upon presentation abstract you submitted.
  • Allocate time before the conference for a conference call or email exchange with your session Chair and fellow session speakers to discuss the panel.
  • Meet with your Chair 10 minutes before the panel starts to make sure your presentation is uploaded, and everything is ready to roll.
  • Please stick to the time allocated for your presentation. Remember that it is discourteous for a speaker to take time from other presenters.
  • Provide us with an electronic copy of your presentation by latest 7 October 2024 so it can be uploaded in advance of the Forum. Send your presentation to Label the file using your abstract number and name so we can correctly match the file to you and your presentation time slot.
  • Make sure you have proper approvals for the use of photographs in your presentations.
  • Have fun with your session. If you are having fun, then so are your audience.

Presentation Guidelines

Forum offers three types of presentations: Oral Presentation, Four-Minute Presentation and Poster Presentation. Guidelines below (please note Poster Presentation guidelines will be added soon).

Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities

If you would like to partner with the SVRI Forum 2024, please contact us for more on sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

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