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Small contributions, big impact!

Empower knowledge builders from across the globe

The SVRI Forum 2024 is more than a conference, it’s a movement towards equitable knowledge sharing and collaboration to end violence against women, violence against children, and other forms of violence driven by gender inequality.

At the heart of the Forum is a commitment to ensuring that brilliant minds from all corners of the world, especially those from low and middle-income countries, can contribute to and benefit from this global exchange of ideas.

The reality, however, is that many researchers and practitioners are often (unintentionally) sidelined because of the high cost of attending international conferences. Despite the SVRIs persistent efforts to fundraise for bursaries, they are limited, given the substantial costs of supporting bursaries and organising an event of this scale.

This is where you come in, and where individual support can truly make a monumental impact.

Your contribution opens doors for emerging researchers and practitioners

When you donate to the SVRI Forum 2024, you’re doing much more than providing financial support. You’re opening a world of opportunity for researchers and practitioners. Your generosity allows their voices to be heard, and ensures that they can share their insights, learn, and network on a global stage.

Here’s the difference your donation makes:

  • Bursaries for attendance, travel and accommodation: Your contributions are used towards bursaries for those from low and middle-income countries who would not otherwise be able to attend and benefit from the full 5 days of conferencing.
  • Capacity building: Skills and knowledge gained at the Forum empowers researchers and practitioners to have an impact when they return to their communities.
  • Support for translation services: A portion of your contributions may also be allocated towards providing translation services at the conference, ensuring everyone has equal access to share and gain knowledge, in the spirit of language justice.

How to make a difference

  1. Click the donate button: Click the ‘Donate with Paypal’ button below to go to our secure donation platform.
  2. Choose your impact: Every contribution counts. Select the amount you wish to donate or enter a custom amount.
  3. Complete your contribution: Fill out your details on our secure form. Your privacy is important to us.
Your donation helps build knowledge and evidence informed programmes and policies so that women and children in low and middle income countries receive quality services and live free of fear, violence and abuse.

Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities

If you would like to partner with the SVRI Forum 2024, please contact us for more on sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

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